Linksnappy pricing

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Linksnappy pricing

Im happy with this but sometime i get "plugin error" or "temporarily not available" Great company. Good customer service and great value for money. Totally recommend to anyone to use.

LinkSnappy Review 2019

I can agree with the opinions of many, LinkSnappy is great! The download may not be the fastest, but that's not a problem for me.

All important hosts are represented, and work. With the chat on Homepage you can get help quickly on weekdays, at least that was the case with me. There are many payment methods which is positive, the support is helpful. Gladly again! Used LS for a month a few months back. I'll review based on customer service, hoster stability, and speed. Customer service: it seems their online support never sleeps.

LinkSnappy Guide: Full Kodi Setup, Tips & Tricks

More importantly, if there's a problem at their end, they're honest to admit it, very different than the guys over at eg dxxpxxxd, where they either completely ignore your emails or stick with their motto: the customer is always wrong. Also, LS has this server status page which I find very accurate and transparent. Only problem is with experimental hosters. I could only download files successfully in a month. But I understand that supporting problematic hosters like k2s isn't easy.

This was the reason I didn't renew my account. Otherwise, I'd say LS is highly recommended. Works most of the time. If sever is down they make up for it by extending the service. They lie quite a lot, I would not recommend this service. They write here on trustpilot that you can get free 50GB traffic to test the service if you contact the live chat and guess what?

Live chat does not give you any free traffic.But which one of these services is the best and how are they the same and different from each other? For a small monthly fee, they provide you access to premium file hosts and bandwidth that you would otherwise have to pay individually for.

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Some of these file hosts are only available to paying users and others are available for free at a reduced download speed. Kodi addons scrape media websites for these file host links and play their media on your TV. Simply put, the more file hosts you have access to, the more chances of a working link from a Kodi addon. Premiumize supports 55 current file hosts. The numbers are slightly skewed because Premiumize supports a number of adult video websites. You can enter in the media addresses from those websites and download to the cloud or locally files from those websites.

All Debrid supports 72 current file hosts. This includes the same selection as Real Debrid and Premiumize, as well as a few lesser known options.

linksnappy pricing

Again, all major hosts are included in the service along with some under-appreciated ones and adult hosts as well. All Debrid does support the highest overall number of hosts. Premiumize is the only service that offers a full yearly plan, which is just slightly more than double what a year would cost from Real Debrid or All Debrid.

Conversely, LinkSnappy is the only service which offers a 7 day plan, which is nice if you want to try out the service short term before committing to anything. One other nice feature that LinkSnappy has is that its payment is in US dollars where the other three are in Euros.

This is really nice for North American users who want to try out a Debrid service without having to pay extra conversion or bank fees for dealing with a foreign currency. With that in mind, the number of features is what truly makes the pricing worth it or not. Premiumize comes with some additional features to justify the additional cost of subscribing to the service.

Most of the Premiumize features listed above require additional setup or understanding, but they can be excellent tools if you take the time to check them out!

linksnappy pricing

Every friend that uses your Real Debrid referral link to sign up for a premium account will get you an additional 5 premium days PLUS 50 Fidelity Points. Real Debrid Fidelity Points are loyalty points that can be exchanged for another 30 days of premium service. Every friend that uses your Premiumize referral link to sign up for a premium account will get you 15 additional days of premium time.

Even better, your friend will also get an extra 15 days when they sign up with a referral link verses just on their own. LinkSnappy offers two different programs for users who want to refer others to the LinkSnappy service. The referral program gives you free premium days for any user who signs up to LinkSnappy using your link.

Cash can be request to your PayPal account once you reach a minimal balance. LinkSnappy is the only service of the four which allows you to decide what you want to do with your referral money. In terms of customer support, Real Debrid provides little to no customer service for their service.

Both have given away free premium accounts to jsergio, developer of ResolveURL, to give away to Kodi users. All Debrid also has Kodi sync and configuration instructions up on their website.September 9, — 5 Comments.

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LinkSnappy is a Cyprus-based debrid service that allows users to download files from more than 70 hosts including Rapidgator, Uploaded. It does not have a built-in VPN but promises secure data transfers and IP-protection to ensure digital privacy.

LinkSnappy is a premium link generator that looks and works great. The speed measured was not highest and more layers of protection also would not hurt. However, we would recommend LinkSnappy despite a higher price tag. Read the full review here. Read full review here.

If you get over minor bugs, terrible design, and Polish symbols, Twojlimit does the job right. There are so many different approaches when it comes down to sharing files using cloud and what is the right fit for one, can be inconvenient for others. Let us know your personal experience in the comments section below is! I had problem with some hosters, the speed limit and lot of times just happened that it frozed. Can you please just check it? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

This site serves as a place that reviews debrid services.

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We keep adding new products and reviews continually. Debrid is a premium link generator that mediates access to multiple file hosting servers for a single fee. We let our visitors review all major file hosts, so you can use their experience while choosing. Afterall - a good debrid is only as good as file hosters that it supports.

Found any misleading information? Is your favorite product missing in our list?


Let us know here. We are a professional team of writers and web builders that tested each product independently and give high marks only to the best ones.

This site may receive compensation from third parties whose products we review. LinkSnappy September 9, — 5 Comments.

Link Snappy tutorial

April 14, at am. Alice Wilford says:. Manson says:. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Contact us Found any misleading information? Debrids We are a professional team of writers and web builders that tested each product independently and give high marks only to the best ones.Content Aggregator: Allows you to pull files from multiple cloud storage services in one easy to use panel!

It will automatically fetch your files as a premium user from all hosts! Privacy Guard: Secure transfers, your IP-address is never revealed to third parties. You can delete your account anytime!

Browser Plugins: Make your web browser a powerhouse by taking linksnappy's functionality with you to every webpage. Watch video files hosted on filehosts and torrents using our online video player.

Watch how. Use jDownloader as you normally would. It will automatically download as a premium user from all filehosts! Watch How. Make your web browser a downloading powerhouse by taking linksnappy's functionality with you to every webpage. Watch now. You get access to dozens of other file hosting and sharing services that you will definitely find useful. If you want to try our service, you can sign up an account for free today and know the benefits of having an online storage account.

If you find the service adequate or even exceeding your expectations, then you can go ahead and upgrade to our premium account. Fireget assures you that you will not regret having upgraded because of the premium service that you will be getting. Try it out today! Choose a Product. Receive it in Email. Description How To Activate Reviews. What's LinkSnappy. Browser Plugins: Make your web browser a powerhouse by taking linksnappy's functionality with you to every webpage Why buy from us?LinkSnappy permits you to transfer from all major Filehosting services at the worth of only 1 typical premium account.

LinkSnappy is that the only multi-host which has stable Unlimited support for Uploaded. We received a stable download speed of around Mbps on individual files without any speed drops. In addition to the Filehost download support, LinkSnappy offers 50GB of re-usable cloud storage for your torrents.

Which means that you can directly visit their website and drag and drop your torrents or add the magnet links to the system to download the torrent files directly on to the cloud. You can increase the cloud storage by purchasing one of their torrent addon packs which will add the extra torrent space to your cloud.

Similarly, LinkSnappy offers desktop-grade solutions for your downloads to easily, Copy or Zip your files or stream the files directly on the website or via your local trusted VLC player on your desktop.

After testing various multi-hosts out there, we found that it offers the best stable solution for our downloading solution. Find more about the available packages here. We tried contacting them via Live Chat and we gained a response within a couple of seconds and our emails were answered within a couple of hours of being sent. In our conclusion, we found that Linksnappy is a Downloaders paradise and a Downloading powerhouse.

A strong and sturdy service provider for all your downloading needs and a provider definitely worth looking into! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content. Spread the love. Pingback: Zippyshare is Blocked? LinkSnappy to the rescue TopDebrid. Pingback: Cheap Isra. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Real-Debrid, All Debrid, Premium link generator, Zevera… We here at DebridTips continue with an ongoing search for the most reliable premium link generator, or debrid.

So far, we have reviewed 12 of some of the most established brands so we could bring you a closer look into their strengths and weaknesses. Most debrids sometimes called also multi-hosters promise the same — a single service that would allow you to download files from multiple premium hosters.

They differ in the technology used, the number of hosters available, pricing, design and most importantly — reliability. The results are surprising as only a few providers keep up with what they advertise as most debrids have problems with stability.

Some companies offer additional features such as cloud storage where you can keep and manage your downloads, mobile phone app, or a built-in multimedia player. Many different file hosters offer more or less the same: For a monthly fee ranging between few dollars up to the price of a Netflix subscription you get access to all files uploaded to their servers which you can download to your device afterwards.

So what do debrids do? The procedure is the following: Create an account and login. Choose a subscription plan that suits your needs if they offer different plan sizes.

Paste all the links you require to download in link generator textbox.

linksnappy pricing

Click on the Generate button. Download the generated links one-by-one or if offered use view links button to put them all in download manager and download them together. Depending on which debrid you usethis procedure may differ a little bit. Some also offer a link extension that adds links from host servers with a single click. There is no way that a debrid downloads a file faster than if downloading from a host directly.

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Maximum download speed of a host equals the maximum download speed of a good debrid. The less technologically advanced services may have other limitations of their own. Online security is becoming more and more critical, and even though most debrids we reviewed use SSL encryption promising no one else has access to your data, we strongly recommend using a throwaway account at all times using a service of this kind. Another chapter is VPNs.

Y ou are safer using one, but make sure that debrid that you chose is not going to flag you for misuse of your account. That is the case of Real-debrid. They argue that there is no need to use one as they offer one of their own but come on — everyone should be able to make as many choices considering privacy as they want in our opinion.LinkSnappy is a really nice multi-hoster for HD media links.

It is an alternative for Real Debrid, Premiumize, or All Debrid, but comes with some awesome features and advantages. Come learn more today and read our guide for information on how to set up LinkSnapper in Kodi now. NOTE: If you already know what LinkSnapper is about and you are just here to get an account, then click here to sign up and then come back for instructions on how to setup LinkSnappy in Kodi! LinkSnappy is a paid service that gives you premium access to a large number of popular file hosts on the internet.

Your fee goes to maintaining and paying for those servers, so your download speeds are not limited and uploads are not capped to save space. Since Real Debrid is the most popular service in this space, a lot of our followers have been asking why LinkSnappy is better than Real Debrid. Some of the reasons are:. Payment can be made by credit card, PayPal, or cryptocurrency! Most other debrid services are European based, so you have to pay using the Euro and servers are located overseas. The risk to try the service is very low!

This means you get limited access to popular resolvers like RapidGator, Uploaded, ZippyShare, and zShared links for free to help you decide. The free LinkSnappy is just a preview and trust us when we say that the premium version is the real deal.

There is no official LinkSnappy coupon code or offer. There are some verified LinkSnappy resellers which sell premium time on the service for a fee. These resellers buy premium time for LinkSnappy and may choose to pass on a discount to you. Always read the fine print before going after a LinkSnappy promo code or deal to make sure it is legit. First, head to the LinkSnappy website and sign up for a free account.

You simply have to enter in an email address and then you will be given a temporary username and password to log in with. Scroll down and select your plan. Choose your payment method and follow the instructions to pay for your premium account. After your account is processed and you show as a premium user, you can setup LinkSnappy on Kodi! Addons that contain LinkSnappy links will now automatically route them through your premium account!

You are now setup for LinkSnappy Kodi content!

LinkSnappy PayPal Reseller - LinkSnappy Premium Key / Voucher - Official Reseller

You should noticed that the LinkSnappy source shows up first whenever you go into a movie or TV show. The second thing to try is to check your account and make sure that you are still a premium user. If you are looking for a LinkSnappy alternative, you have a few different options available: Real DebridPremiumizeand All Debrid.


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